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Fire Emergency Blanket
Fire Emergency Blanket
Fire Emergency Blanket
Fire Emergency Blanket
Fire Emergency Blanket

Fire Emergency Blanket

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⏺ Look at some of our Customers Reviews ⏺

"Had a kitchen fire. This blanket saved the day. Purchased two more. Suggest this blanket be in everyone's kitchen
." - Lauren, FL, USA

⏺ Why do we need a Fire Emergency Blanket? ⏺

A fire blanket is a simple fire safety device designed to tackle early-stage small fires. A traditional fire blanket is constructed from a sheet of woven fire retardant material, often fiberglass, with handles and can withstand temperatures of up to 900 degrees Celsius.

A must-have Fire Emergency tool that you won't regret getting! 

Highly Recommended by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services!

-"2010-2014, U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 166,100 home structure fires that involved cooking equipment per year. These fires caused an average of 480 civilian fire deaths, 5,540 civilian fire injuries, and $1.1 billion in direct property damage" 

The first choice in fire safety
You can place your Fire Emergency Blanket around areas where fires are likely to start. This made it perfect for kitchens, grills, fireplaces, cars, camping sites, gas stations, restaurants, warehouses, and so on.

And because it is light and compact, you can easily grab it at moment’s notice.

A Necessary item in everyone's Kitchen & Home!

⏺ The 5 Key Benefits ⏺

✅ MESS-FREE: No training needed, even kids and elderly can use it

✅ FIRE PROTECTION: Wrap around your body as a heat shield

✅ REUSABLE: Can be cleaned or washed & reused

✅ COST-WISE: Cheaper than a fire extinguisher & no maintenance fees

✅ VARIOUS PLACES TO USE: Emergency survival fire blanket ideal for the kitchen, fireplace, grill, car, camping and so on


Fire Extinguisher & Fire blanket is both very useful. While fire extinguisher can help you put out fire quicker, Due to its simplicity, a fire blanket may be more helpful for someone who is inexperienced with fire extinguishers. We recommend having both of them in your house to prevent fire.

⏺ Frequently Asked Questions ⏺

Q: How durable is this blanket?

A: It is made from heavy-duty fiberglass that is designed to withstand fire, you can be confident with the quality.

Q: Can you use this blanket multiple times?

A: Yes, it is reusable, although we won't recommend doing so. You should replace the blanket after use to maximize your safety.

Q: Can you wash this blanket with the washing machine?

A: It is preferable to wash by hand but we don’t recommend washing it as it is unscary, you should wash the blanket separately to prevent fiberglass shard from getting on your clothes.

Q: Can it be used in case of fire in the house to leave safely outside, away from the source of the fire?

A: Yes, it can help people leave the source of fire more safely.

Q: Can this be wrapped around a person whose clothing has caught on fire?

A: Yes you can, it can stop the oxygen from feeding the fire, but depend on the size of the fire, the best way is to wrap it around the body and roll on the ground.

Q: Would it be dangerous to stop the fire with your hand? The fire might burn your hand.

A: We have a guide on how to use this product, There is a handle for you to hold the blanket. If uses correctly, you won’t be burn as the blanket doesn’t retain heat.

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